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The terms "drop ship," "wholesale," "bulk order" and "direct shipping" usually go hand-in-hand with businesses like hardware stores, markets and car lots. There are companies that realize the entire world, especially the portion that loves luxury, shops and stocks their boutiques with products found online.

The entrepreneurial spirit has led many people to venture out into businesses on their own. The main factor in a successful start-up, whether it is pets to Porsches, laundry to Lamborghinis is a reliable warehouse to purchase stock.

Online luxury suppliers like Vivid Gemz Wholesale, located at, are one of those perennial business owner favorites. They only stock the most coveted items ranging from men's neckties, to diamond broaches and Italian handbags. World class accessories wholesalers like VGW partners with start up companies to facilitate profit, notoriety, quick turnaround and customer retention.

Stocking and filling orders from VGW accessories wholesalers is as easy as a few clicks and links. If you are ordering designer fashions and accessories for personal use, just create a client membership at, use your major credit card, and shop until your discerning heart is content. Believe it--we'll make you look good!

If you choose to partner with us as the supplier of your online store's products, we can make that process easy and seamless for both you and your customers. Simply feature our products on your webpage. When client orders come in, link them to our accessories wholesalers warehouse. We will either direct, or drop ship that order to your customers' front door or their location of choice. Your customers will never realize that the products did not come directly from your store; rather they were shipped from your partner in consumer luxury--VGW. Our company makes it very easy to maintain your online store's reputation as a source for high quality, well-made, designer fashion, footwear, accessories, jewelry, watches, sunglasses and much more.

Partnering with VGW means almost inexhaustible luxury resources for you and your clients. Simply log on and order real brand name items in bulk for your physical store space, or begin a cataloging campaign using our incredible selection of designers to help bring class to your own website. VGW features thousands of accessories from designers like Movado, Piero Milano, Emilio Pucci, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Fendi and Invicta. Did this article mention that VGW was a supplier of luxury and quality can certainly tell from that line up. Those brands are just the start of what can be found at

Do yourself, your pride, your business and your future a favor and start ordering from VGW. It's a partnership will never be outclassed!



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