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Finding cheap shoes wholesale is never easy. While the internet has made shopping easier, finding a reliable merchant to buy shoes wholesale from is still difficult. Run an online search for shoe wholesaler and several of the big online retail names pop up. Online stores which are not cheap, nor do these online stores offer shoes wholesale. Search:

The Price is Right

Dozens of online stores claim to offer cheap shoes wholesale and really only offer their spin on the shoes retail price. Their spin is normally only 15% to 30% off the retail price and is not wholesale at all. Wholesale in the shoe market is usually 60% to 70 % off. This will allow a buyer to purchase shoes wholesale and sell the shoes at retail price. A true wholesale price allows not only a profit, it allows a profitable cushion for returns, damages, and other customer related issues. There is

All in the Brand

Other online stores are filled with cheap shoes wholesale that are not brand name. The price is right. The name on the shoe is unknown, or it is a knockoff copy of a brand. The big name manufacturers in the shoe market spend a multitude of dollars generating interest in their shoes and drive customers into stores to buy. They want retailers to tap into their branding efforts. Brand names excite people. A customer wants to be notice wearing a brand name shoe. In the mind of most buyers, a brand means quality and reliability. Customers feel secure by buying brand names. A customer who excited and secured is buying now, and not shopping elsewhere. Find brand names shoes at


Find those few true shoes wholesale stores online and most of the online stores will not allow buyers to buy one shoe or two shoes. No, wholesalers want buyers to buy in numbers without touching, seeing, reviewing the shoes first hand. A shoe in hand is raw data to analyze the impact the shoe will have on customers. Spending money on a shoe inventory that has not been test market is how most wholesalers want their buyers to operate. This forces most buyers to shop elsewhere and purchase a sample paying retail. A retailer should never pay retail. Never pay retail for shoe at

Self Gratification

Finding shoes wholesale should be easy, even for a customer looking for a great deal on one pair of shoes. Many brick and mortar wholesalers allow retail customers to enter their stores and buy wholesale like a retail buyer. They understand how many of these customers will go into business sometime later and establish themselves as retailers. Sadly, few online wholesalers develop retailers that way. develops retailers.

An online website with brand names shoe that encourages buyers to purchase as they please, one shoe or hundred shoes, all priced the same, 60% to 70% off.


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