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Both men and women often have a strong desire to have designer clothing, because they are made of higher quality material than other garments, and because their designs are so ""cutting edge."" They are often the most expensive, and so both retailers and wholesalers are always ready to make money by selling them. There is a store called Vivid Gemz (website where retailers can buy all kinds of clothing-- and much more, including jewelery and accessories. It is the largest supplier of luxury goods online. Virtually all of the major clothing lines— Helmut Lang, Valentino, Parkhurst, Colibri, Phillip Simon, Roberto Cavilli, Apepazza, and Vivid Gemz itself— are represented here. They were also made in different countries— some domestic, and some made in Spain (especially the bikinis) or in Italy. Their designer wholesale clothing available here includes some of the most classy garments one can find anywhere. For instance, there is a grey Helmut Lang tab andamp; buckle flare jeans; a red- violet colored Ebene beaded knit cardigan; a lovely Axara Paris Short Sleeve Floral Dress Size S, with a red sash; a Christian Audigier graphic print Rhinestone Tunic made in USA Size XS (the design on this shirt is striking— light pink at the top fading gradually into yellow, with a red hand amidst various flowers); and a Hoopa floral print bikini made in Spain size M. Also suede boots and sandals. There are over 2,000 clothing products in all!


It is most advisable for businesspeople buying designer wholesale clothing to use a credit card, rather than checks or cash, so that if anything goes wrong with the order, the buyer will have more protection.


In addition to designer wholesale clothing, Vivid Gemz sells valuable gems, watches, jewelry, bags, and sunglasses. The vast majority of their jewelry is made of gold, with silver, stainless steel, platinum, or mixtures (e. g. gold- plated silver) making up the balance; a few are made of copper, titanium, or tungsten, and there is even one made of silk (a black necklace studded with gems, worth just under $1,000)! The company has heart- shaped pendants, quartz drop earrings, band rings, bracelets, ruby rings, enamel charms, body rings (some of these sport brilliant colors), circle necklaces (there is one whose design bears a striking resemblance to those of the Navaho), and others. Most of the sunglasses are sporty- looking, with long, sleek lenses and delicate frames; some have a crystal or a mother of pearl at the base of the frames.


As with any other company that makes sales online, Vivid Gemz offers membership for its buyers. However, since this is a wholesale company, members must also include the names of their companies when registering. They also have the option of buying either with the wholesale or the drop ship method, by which a retailer transfers customers’ orders to the wholesaler, who in turn ships them directly to the customers. Only customers that have registered and signed- in can purchase items from Vivid Gemz.


Vivid Gemz is the number one place to go to when you want to get designer wholesale clothing for your retail business.


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