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Designer jewelry can be expensive when going through a retail store. Rarely are the products ever on sale and when they are the product has already been marked up so high that the sale price appears to be almost identical to the listing price. Private-Sales is a fashion jewelry wholesalers supplier that is able to bring low prices to any consumer. Because they buy in large quantities, they are able to then put a low price tag on their entire inventory. So let us take a look at what has to offer.


Right off the bat Private-Sales is unique from other fashion jewelry wholesalers because of their meticulously categorized filter system. It allows you to find exactly what you looking for in a hassle free easy to use format. Because Private-Sales offer over 20,000 jewelry items this feature is a necessity to their large inventory. Even though that may see like a lot, which it is, their shopping filter will pinpoint exactly what you are shopping for.


It is important to note that the high prices consumers are seeing in stores is indisputably due to the fact that gold prices have shot up a tremendous amount in the past few years. Right now consumers that are buying retail jewelry in gold and even silver are paying a high premium. By purchasing jewelry from the wholesaler you are paying what a retail store would pay and avoiding the high markup. This is a great reason to be buying jewelry at wholesale prices. Not only will you be getting the most for your money, but you will also be getting brand names of the leading designers throughout the world at 


If you are looking for specific brand name you can simply check the box and you will be sent to everything that is offered in that brand. From there you can then sort through bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. You can even sort through the material that you wish the item to be. Once you have found the product you have been looking for you can view multiple crystal clear pictures of your item from all angles. This thorough process ends up leaving the consumer with a satisfied customer experience.


Shopping online for jewelry can be a painful process when trying to purchase online. Because you are not able to see the jewelry in person it can leave doubts as to how it is going to look. Many fashion jewelry wholesalers have loosely written return policies and are often hard to reach if a problem should arise. Private-Sales have a no risk 14 day return/exchange policy, so if you are not happy with your purchase you can return it hassle free. Unlike other wholesalers Private-Sales also offers online and telephone customer service. offers brands from Dior to Versace and everything in-between. The selection is unmatched by any fashion jewelry wholesaler. They offer the customer and exceptional way to search through their enormous inventory and reward their customers with the lowest prices available. Private-Sales is approved by the Consumer Guild of America.


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