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The fact that companies have continued to experience wild success through the use of wholesale suppliers is really a testament to the business model to begin with. Wholesalers are in the business of offering bulk items at favorable prices to ensure retailers still have plenty of room for profit. They deal directly with the manufacturers of these goods as a sort of go between operation. 

A simple way to understand this process is to think about the major retailers found throughout the business world today. Each of them is using a wholesaler to provide them with the products that they in turn sell to the public. If they were to buy each item on its own, and individually, they'd be out of business. This is where the wholesale supply comes into the picture. 

Using this type of service offers retailers a host of benefits that translates into a lucrative opportunity for all parties involved. In many cases, this eliminates much of the red tape typically found in between the manufacturer and the one buying the product in the end. 

Obviously, the biggest benefit to the new business is the opportunity to purchase a high volume of quality products from the wholesaler at extremely competitive prices. In fact, using the services of in particular, guarantees retailers the cheapest cost found anywhere on the market. That's as competitive as it gets. They understand the dynamic relationship between manufacturer and retailer. With such discounts available on bulk items, businesses can enjoy healthy sized markups without over stepping what the market can handle. 

Every successful business understands that leverage is the way up. This couldn't be any more truer than in the retail business. Here, retailers also have the opportunity to leverage areas of their business model to their wholesale suppliers. Space alone, is one area where this is evident. Housing these goods, prior to selling them to the public, often requires huge warehouses and distribution centers. Using a wholesaler alleviates this issue right off the bat, and it keeps inventory on their end. Obviously, this saves a substantial amount of money on the front end without the costs associated with this additional square footage. At they even have the capabilities of order fulfillment eliminating the costly process even further. 

Another way leverage can be benefited here, is with the amount of products available to offer the public. For the same reasons mentioned above, retailers can offer more products as a result. There's wholesaling opportunities that cater to every product imaginable. Once an order has been placed, the retailer has the option of fulfilling that order in house or through their wholesaler. Either way this opens the door to more products available, and more sales as a result. 

It's easy to see why this business model has become a favorite among new start ups. Tangible goods still rule the roost. Using a platform such as this one with all the pieces already in place, businesses are able to make a fortune along side their wholesale suppliers.


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