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VG wholesale is a wholesaler of some of the finest items money can buy. We have a well earned reputation as a purveyor of fine jewelry. We are proud of our lines of fine apparel as well. Our lines of wholesale shoes are no exception. We carry popular lines of shoes that are recognizable the world over. Striking colors and vivid fashions that are familiar to many. 


Classic styles that have been known for years for their looks and dependability Calvin Klein has a well rounded selection that borrows themes of other well known brands to make a style all their own. They are very popular and bring fashion to many everyday people. For higher end shoes we have Valentino, with their snake skin high heels worn by models and movie stars in some of our favorite all time films and videos. We bring you both of these well known fashions, at both ends of the affordability spectrum in wholesale shoes. And many more. 

Take a good look at the styles we have. Some of our best selling lines are the summer wear, Hoopa beach flip flops which retail as low as 25.00. They make a great leading product for any online marketer. 


Betsey Johnson black and red suede boots stand out as great options for club wear and their whole line is very colorful and sharp. And some of the best known fashions of the modern age are in the selection we offer, From Chinese Laundry, Kipp boots and Faze boots that are immediately recognizable to the Report Signature Clarkson boots which are trending right now. Here are some of our other brands. Corkwedge Heels, Fandango boots, Appepazza boots, Ed Hardy, Diesel, Report, Australia, Joan and David, Dirty laundry, Envy,and Madden Girl


Our entire selection is designed to help our retailers benefit from the popularity of our wholesale shoes. All of the products are chosen to sell. They are specifically chosen by us for their name recognition. And their striking looks. You can trust our selection. Hopefully we’ll be the only supplier of wholesale shoes that you will ever need.


If you are considering whether or not you want to carry our shoes, we urge you to go to our website at and look at the brand names we have for all of our products. They are all guaranteed to be authentic for the life of the product. On that you have our 100% guarantee. You don’t have to store your products at home. We can ship your shoes directly to your end buyer without you having to deal with any postage or packaging.


We have 67 brands of shoes with 563 different styles to choose from. The selection we have is constantly being updated by us and by our suppliers. We are one of the largest and most trusted online sources of shoes, clothes, apparel and of course jewelry. Visit our website. We are proud of our selection, feel free to take your time. Get a membership, place an order and then you will see our incredible wholesale prices. Go to and join us.


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