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As an entity of merchandise provider for many different companies, purchasing in bulk adds savings and convenience to both your buyers and their customers. The internet offers many opportunities to make those types of purchases however; compares much better by far. With a huge selection of products to search, they guarantee availability for your buyers’ purchases. This feature assures your customers their products will arrive on time. The wholesale clothing dropship plan is a convenient method of having the products sent directly to your clients.


The prices offered are always wholesale and they stand by their prices to be the lowest anywhere. Once your buyer has ordered their products, submitted payment and payment has cleared, the orders will ship out to the desired location usually within 2 business days.


Ability to resell
When you resell to your buyers with diverse sale routes, this will bring forth even more significant profits. Your buyers will also have immediate access to the items ordered.


The beauty of this sites services are you; never have to worry about the cost of storing inventory, by directly listing your items with detailed descriptions and great pictures on your website. Next sit back, wait for the orders to pour in, collect the payment after your clients purchase their products.


Order processing
All your orders are in; you now want to submit a request for shipment, these tasks are very easy to accomplish. This simple process really takes very little time, just log into your account and fill out the forward and return shipping information. Your customers will indirectly receive their products, never being aware that the products were indirectly sent from you using the wholesale clothing dropship option. This is the most cost effective, timely and direct way to have the products sent to your customers.


The products are neatly and professionally packed and will visually impress your customer leaving a great impression, without any reference of us to your buyers. They are shipped safely, with a tracking number that will be given to you to provide to your buyers. This will enable them to check the progress of their shipment. When in the market for wholesale clothing dropship services, is the site that will solve most if not all of your product, storage and distribution needs.


Payment Processing
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